Butch and Brenda, Brand New


Alex Cervenka, Junior Staff Writer

After many costume alterations, each a little different from the last, Turlock High School mascots Butch and Brenda have gone through yet another change. Butch and Brenda will debut with their newest look on Friday, October 4 at the Downy vs. Turlock football game. 

The brand new mascots are more fitting to today’s style and will not be in need of changes anytime soon unless otherwise decided because they are now the newest fashion of male and female uniforms. A female bulldog outfit was not something that was available for purchase a few years ago; therefore, Brenda’s last costume had to be slightly altered by staff, adding airbrushed lipstick, in order to appear as a female. Unlike the past few costume orders, this year’s purchase arrived complete with a male and female bulldog suit. 

ASB director and cheerleading coach Jenn Cullum stated that “The old uniforms were completely worn out and had been repaired many times. It was at the point that the repairs were no longer working.” After so many years of being in use, the mascots were becoming worn down, so staff and students decided that the mascots were due for an upgrade. The students who play the role of Butch and Brenda were able to help choose the new design of the costumes, making them more personal and meaningful to the students. 

Instead of the sort of tomboyish look of the old Butch and Brenda conveyed, the newer uniforms are more fitting to the role played by each, with more representation. Butch is still wearing the classic football jersey, since he is the most debuted at the football games and it has been a long-lasting tradition; however, Brenda this year is stepping up her fashion styles, wearing an old Turlock High cheer uniform.