Get your free college education!


Hayley Harden, Junior Staff Writer

Modesto Junior College has recently implemented a program allowing the first and second year of school to be free. They are calling it the Modesto Junior College Promise, it’s free for everyone and it’s not based on a student’s financial situation. Although it is free they must fit a certain criteria, the MJC education website states that students must have Previously completed 12 or fewer college units, completed a FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application CADAA, California Resident or AB540 eligible, enrolled in and complete 12 or more units,  to be eligible for this opportunity. Students do not have to apply, the Student Financial Services Office will award students who meet eligibility criteria, automatically. If you are not awarded and meet the criteria then you can go to the Modesto Junior College Promise website to apply to be awarded the financial aide.

The Modesto Junior College Promise is a chance to get a better job career later in the future, especially for the people that never thought they could pay for the college experience. The Modesto Junior College Promise, however, does not include the fee of textbooks. There are two-year courses you could take such as automotive, ag business, irrigation construction, and installation. Maybe junior college is not for everyone but it opens a door for others who do plan on attending a junior college.