The Benefit Of Taking College Courses During High School

Maria Miranda, Junior Staff Writer

Turlock High School offers college courses during zero period and after school, only one course per semester. Students who take these classes earn credits after completing each course. Turlock High School provides courses before school with CSUS and after school through MJC. There are also many benefits while taking these courses during high school. 

After being asked what the benefits of taking college courses in high school were, Mrs. Rickets, the assistant principal, explained, “It will get you ahead while being in high school saves time and money because by starting your junior year taking the courses provided, you would be saving money by taking a class in high school, that you already have to take in college.” Taking a course during high school saves a semester of college.

More benefits such as preparing how college can be, finding the course you want to take after high school, and/or helping students decide what to do after high school. According to Jillian Berman from Market Watch, a student arrived with 18 credits saving him from introductory courses and saving him money towards his degree. Overall, taking college courses has benefited other students once they get into college.