Franzi Schmid is a German exchange student here at THS.
Franzi Schmid is a German exchange student here at THS.

THS Welcomes German Exchange Students

February 7, 2020

The German Exchange Students program is also known as the German American Partnership Program or brings kids from Germany here to America to experience our way of life. The program is run by Julie Shipman-Norman, a foreign language teacher. The German Exchange student program has been going on since 1996 and it happens every 2 years. The kids from Germany arrive here on March 28th and leave on April 24th.

They stay at a student’s family house and also see how the student’s way of life is in comparison to theirs in Germany. Though they do stay at a family’s house they also go on trips. Some trips they go to are to San Francisco, Sacramento, Yosemite, and on Spring break their family can take them wherever they want to take them. Not only do they just come here to America but they also learn about the culture and get to use the English that they learned. Though German students aren’t the only people who get to be apart of this program. Students here at Turlock High School get to be a part of it too. Not only are they able to care for the German exchange students but they also get to help them out around the school and teach them new things about the school and what type of classes there are.

THS students also have the opportunity to go to Germany. This summer, on June 2nd and stay for four weeks. The students get to visit wonderful places and get to stay in Berlin for 5 days. The students here also get to be able to use the German they learned in their classes and apply it there. Not only do they get to do that they also get to experience German Culture/ History and get to visit extremely old places. In conclusion, this is what the German Exchange Student program is about and what exactly the German and American students do in the program.

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