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February 7, 2020


Treadwell Photography

The dos and don’ts of taking pictures at formal.

When it comes to formal, everyone wants to go extra for the special day. Some like to remember that night by taking pictures the afternoon before the dance; however, many students do not know nice locations in Turlock to take pictures, and they are not quite sure what should they take into consideration when choosing a location. Turlock is very small, but there are still some nice locations here.  To get more details, I interviewed Mrs.Corona owner of a professional photography business.   

When asked about what we should take into consideration when choosing a location? Mrs. Corona stated, “The available light, so if it’s going to be in shadow or is it going to be in direct sun, some other things would be distractions in the background, the size of the group you are going to photograph as well as the space that’s going to be there.” 

 Why should students take into consideration the lighting of the place when it’s an indoor season? Mrs.Corona said the following to my question, “The color of the walls in the building because the color of the light can affect the photos you take.” After Mrs. Corona’s response, you should take into consideration the color of the place because if the dress is too dark and the walls are dark color is not going to stand out.

Since there are many people that need help finding a good photographer, I asked who she would recommend for a couple session. Mrs.Corona responded with,“Someone that I think is good to look at is Doc Gorden.” Then she added, “I wouldn’t say he is the best photographer, but he is a good photographer and he actually specializes in flow posing of couples where you can go from one post directly to another one”. 

When it comes to choosing a location on where to take pictures there are always difficulties. The location is always important when taking pictures according to Mrs.Corona, “It’s important to pick a significant location,” Turlock may be small but there are still many considerations everyone should take. 

How can a group choose the perfect location? Mrs. Corona recommended, “I have to be honest, most clients don’t know what they are doing when it comes to choosing a location.” After she gave some important tips, “so leaving it up to the photographer would be a better idea, but if I was going to tell my client ‘where do you want to go’ I would say choose a place that means something, that has some significance, so if you like being outdoors, choose a place outdoors.”

When asked, where is a good location for a couple session? Her response was, “One really popular one is going to be Stanislaus State because we have pretty nature backgrounds, palms, waterfalls, redwood trees, straight lines, pillars, and bridges.”

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