World War Meme

February 7, 2020

After the murder of an Iranian General which took place this past week, a series of minimal but deadly conflicts have surfaced. This situation leads us to the question of whether or not the United States is at risk of beginning a third world war.

With the ongoing and recent unforeseen developments, tensions between the United States and Iran have only had began to escalate. As of January 3, 2020, former Iranian military General Qasen Soleimani was assassinated by the United States in a ravaging and destructive airstrike. Many believe that this attack initiated by President Donald Trump was a declaration of war that could possibly be the spark of a third global conflict. While this may be an interesting scenario to imagine, the chance of World War III taking place is unlikely. The current nuclear status of the United States since January 2020 has been on Defcon 5, status green. This means that there is no impending nuclear threat. In an article published by Newsweek, author David Brennan discusses how if Iran were to begin a conflict, it would be “very stupid and costly.” In response to actions taken by the United States government, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani asserts that “The United States made a big mistake.” President Rouhani asserts this as a response to the death of the Iranian peace officer, killed by the United States. 

Since the news of World War III has come around, many people have taken to social media to create memes, particularly on platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. The memes have involved situations such as being drafted, action on the battlefield, as well as joking about the three million dollar bounty on President Trump’s head. According to Kristyn Sabala, a Junior here at THS, explains that she enjoys the memes as “they are very funny,” and unlike others, she has not gained any fear from the memes because she feels that the odds of being drafted are unlikely. However, some people find the memes to be insensitive. According to Nayerli Carbajal, another junior here at THS, she explains that the World War III memes were “funny at first, but we’re starting to become insensitive towards the past two world wars.” Carbajal believes this because the jokes about being drafted and killing other citizens from other countries were at one point a reality to the people in our country

Overall, many people have created a variety of memes that have become viral overall social media platforms. Some people do see the memes to be insensitive, but many people have created the memes to make light of the situation as being drafted for the war is unlikely. Personally, I find the memes to be funny and not at all insensitive especially since some people are gaining fear from the situation, it’s a nice way to laugh at the situation and not stress about it.

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