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Prom: Everything you have to know

February 7, 2020

Prom is coming up, which means you are probably in the middle of your preparations, and cannot wait for the dance, but there are a few things that you have to know and consider before you go, in order to fully enjoy the dance. For example, in the past few years, THS students had several issues with the dress code and inappropriate clothes, so it is very important to know the dos and donts of the dress code. Collared shirts, dresses, slacks, and nice shoes are required. Unfortunately, no one will be allowed in the dance wearing denim, inappropriate dresses, that are for example, very short, have a revealing back and necklines, or flip flops. The current trend is tight, sparkly dresses, and casual, black suits with a colorful bow tie and matching suspenders.

The tickets are going to be $22 to $25 for a single participate and $45 to $50 for a couple. The dance is going to be at the Larsa Banquet Hall (2107 E Monte Vista Ave, Denair, CA 95316) and is going to start at approximately 8pm, so make sure to get there in time. The dance is going to end at 11pm. 

If you are still looking for a boutonniere or corsage, they can order them at the FFA Floral class, for prices please contact them.

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