A Community Bettered By the Services of Students


Myreia Enos, Junior Staff Writer

The act of community service was introduced with the purpose and intent of having students give back to their communities, as well as to be able to acknowledge the feeling of accomplishment along with the satisfaction of helping others. Although there are many ways to serve, community service is something that most students can relate to. Among every service that students can do to help their communities lies the opportunity to help themselves. Through the act of contribution, students learn how to appreciate, help, and develop a work ethic. Some examples of community service that students at Turlock High School take part in are the Salvation Army, Westside Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, and Turlock Gospel Mission. 


Salvation Army: https://turlocksalvationarmy.org

Westside Ministries: https://westsideministriesturlock.wordpress.com

Habitat for Humanity: www.stanislaushabitat.org

Turlock Gospel Mission: http://turlockgospelmission.org