School District Makes Spooky Moves for the Spooky Season

October 20, 2019


It’s about time that students are able to have the day after Halloween off. After years of students missing school due to exhaustion or being ill, the school district has now taken action by making the day after Halloween become a teacher’s workday, making this a day off for students. According to Dana Trevethan, Turlock Unified School District Superintendent, “The teachers and District agreed that a mid-fall date would be most effective so teachers can implement their new learning as soon as possible.” She also mentions how this change will be beneficial to students since the day before is Halloween.  

Since we now have the day off, many people are seeing benefits from this action. According to Mr. Mello, he believes that this change, “…will benefit all our schools and students.” Mello supports his reasoning by saying that,“our elementary schools with younger students as they are often tired and not very focused the day after Halloween. Our absences and tardies are also higher on the day after Halloween.  Every day is critical, so we want to put our students and staff in the best situation possible to be successful and make the most of each day.” Mello is not that only person that sees the positives as Dana Trevethan, Superintendent at TUSD says, “…teachers will also be able to go through many trainings on this day off as it is a teacher’s workday.” Students are also seeing many benefits. According to fellow THS student Signe Redrigues, “If you go out late or even have homework you will not have to stress about it and will be able to sleep.” Many students agree, as they are able to stay out late for Halloween and not have to stress about how much sleep they will get.

However, there are also people who are seeing negative effects from these actions. According to Mr. Mello,, “We do have the Harvest Bowl on November 1st this year.” Mello continues to say that “…this can affect the football players and coaches will be in a different routine, which is not a positive.” He also states that this may also be a challenge for parents that are both working as they may have to find daycare for their younger children. Some students are also seeing negatives. According to Mathew Brown, fellow THS student, “I have to go to school on my day off just to perform for band in Harvest Bowl.” Brown believes that it was not the best decision to have Harvest Bowl as a day off. 

Although people are seeing both positive and negative effects, no one really knows how this change will play out as this can change can go right or terribly wrong. As a result, no student is really complaining about having the day off.

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