THS Dogs Need the Sleep!

November 20, 2019

Most teens around the world do not get enough sleep. By, not sleeping for the recommended amount of time, which is 9 ½ hours, can cause many health problems. Professional studies Stephanie Watson, a freelance writer specializing in consumer health, and Kristeen Cherney, a freelance writer and Ph.D. candidate, mention that not getting enough sleep can cause an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, trouble thinking and concentrating. Students at Turlock High are not getting the recommended hours of sleep their bodies need. Salvador Romero, a student at Turlock High said, “Students don’t get enough sleep due to the fact that a student has six different teachers that all assigned homework, the majority of the time. In a teacher’s point of view, it might not look like it’s a lot of homework, but when you have homework from five other classes it adds up causing many hours of homework and studying, and it interferes with someone’s school sleeping schedule and causes them to sleep late as well as makes them get fewer hours of sleep needed for school.”

If students do their homework and procrastinate less, they may be able to finish their homework earlier in order to receive more hours of sleep or just more time in general for family activities. Romero also said, “I suppose I don’t sleep because I am a human being and have other things to do outside of school, with extracurricular activities. With homework and extracurricular activities, it takes up a lot of time, causing me to stay up late to do other things and reducing the hours of sleep I get.” Not having to do homework every day can make a big difference on students. With less or no homework a student can receive extra hours of much-needed sleep. Turlock High School needs to have study hall, this is where students have one hour to catch up on homework or get help with the class lesson.

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