Time For Some Lovin’

February 17, 2020

Valentine’s Day seems so far yet so close. It’s a very important day for individuals, but even more important for those in relationships. February 14th is the day to show your love for that special someone and demonstrate to them how much they really mean to you. When it comes to buying gifts, it can be kind of difficult. Both men and women can be difficult to shop for since a lot of the time neither knows what the other wants.

Given five different options for Valentine’s Day gifts (Handmade Gifts, Date Night In, Date Night Out, Jewelry/Clothing Items, Chocolate + Flowers), 241 different students from Turlock High School responded as follows.

Since the results show that both boys and girls prefer handmade gifts over anything else, here are some clever gift ideas that you can make at home! One of the classic gift ideas that can be made is a gift basket. There are many themes to choose from when it comes to making baskets such as a movie basket, snack basket, skincare basket, etc. Another good idea for a classic gift is to make a scrapbook. If you were to gather up a few photos or items that would remind the other person of you and glue them into a small scrapbook, the other person will see how much effort you put into it, which would show how much they mean to you. 

All in all, nearly any handmade gift that takes a moderate amount of effort will be sure to brighten up anyone’s Valentine’s Day. It’s important to be prepared with such a meaningful day coming up. The easiest thing to do is ask the other person what they would like for a gift. However, if you would like to avoid that interaction, a handmade gift is the best way to go.

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