The Bridge Program

February 17, 2020

This Bridge Program was formed by looking at how students were doing in their classes and if they are deficient in credits. Turlock High Schools Principal Gabe Ontiveros explains,¨Looking at kids who were struggling, to see background information. In years of history, we had never had a program to help students. They looked at how to help students avoid getting sent to Roselawn, a continuation school. In the first year of Bridge, we started with underclassmen. What they found was that, for 9th graders, it was hard to get students and parents into the program, because they needed time to make it through the year.¨ 

The Bridge Program is to help students make up credits to get on track for graduation year. The program is also providing academic support in their current 10th-grade classes so they do not get behind. The average size of a bridge class is 15-17 students, so they receive more one on one attention, which makes it an easier learning environment for the students. There is also a student aid to help out as well in the classroom. There are in total three Bridge teachers on campus Mrs. Origel, Mrs. Lonergan, and Ms. Gerling, as well as two student aid teachers Ms. Stacy and Ms. Karen. 

The Bridge Program used to be half days, now the program is a full day. The program does not need parent permission for their child to be put into this program. Turlock High School Bridge teacher states, ̈ Full days allow students to better transition back to a full schedule of high school classes. They also stay more connected to the school and are constantly being challenged with course work.¨  Turlock High School is doing the best they can to keep all student passing all their classes.

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