School Trips During School

February 17, 2020

School trips are always memorable, especially if they are with classmates who are compassionate and caring. For a great deal of us, school trips have always been a phenomenal way to gain new experiences, while also having information presented to us in an environment other than a classroom. A current standing rule at Turlock High is that travel during school hours is prohibited. 

Although school trips may be challenging and expensive, there is many benefits to balance the negatives. For example, students and instructors can see each other from an alternate perspective assists with expanding correspondence between them. A few students who may be disregarded in class because they are introverted also speak up on field trips. In doing so, information is displayed to students that meet diverse learning modalities. Field trips offer more depth and a realistic view, unlike book work. Depending on the subject, students can learn skills that are necessary to apply in the real world, such as discipline and creative problem-solving.

Teachers and staff also face dozens of concerns when it comes to school trip coordination, safety, and the reduction of classroom hours. Missing out on core subjects such as English and mathematics would mean a decrease in classroom hours, resulting in a lack of academic material absorbed by students. In addition, teachers have to plan the number of chaperones needed and go through the process of paperwork in order for the trip to actually take place. Some may argue that this time and planning could all go into lesson plans instead of wasting school hours to do so. Lastly, students being in an environment larger than a classroom could lead to an increase in discipline problems. With a substantial amount of students, preserving control would be a lot more difficult than doing so in a classroom. 

        When looking for a definite answer as to why school trips are not allowed during school, I interviewed Principal Mr. Ontiveros. After asking how much of an impact the cost would have on school funding to which he responded with, “500 dollars for a standard school bus and a $1000 for a nice bus”. Preferably, most students would rather have a nice, clean, charter bus than an old and dirty standard school bus. Beggars cannot be choosers unless they are willing to pay the fee necessary to be able to travel on a charter bus, which would make the cost incredibly high. Mr. Ontiveros continued to explain why it is difficult for students to be unable to travel outside of the state, and the limited maximum amount of time we would be allowed to be away from school. According to Ontiveros, “We are allowed, but only for a certain amount of time. The maximum time limit for a school trip would be exactly one week. No exceptions.” As students are allowed to travel outside of California, we would only be able to for a week or less. This is the perfect amount of time, granted missing an entire week of school can be detrimental. The trips must be for a nationally recognized conference.

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