Does anyone prefer online learning?

December 6, 2020

As the current pandemic has stolen roughly half a semester at Turlock High School, students in California are hoping to return to some form of in-school learning as opposed to the current online learning methods. Although school reopening will bring back in-school learning, there will still be an aspect of distance learning at school. To continue to keep COVID-19 cases on a downward trend, it is imperative for schools to not fully reopen. Even with all the precautions that must take place, there are a variety of students who still prefer a six feet apart school experience.

A recent interview with senior Ivan Moreno expresses one opinion on the debate between partial-distance learning and complete online learning. When asked to describe their home environment, the student responded by calling it “a calm and relaxing area”. Later on, he further expressed his opinion on how he felt about working and learning at home. “Yeah I think my home is an ideal work environment because it keeps me concentrated and I do not get distracted that easily,” he replied. Regardless, Moreno prefers to return back to the classrooms for an in-person learning experience. “I think I would learn more at school than online learning,” he states replying to the question of whether or not he prefers distance learning over online learning. While this may come as a surprise, it is important to note that part of the high school experience is actually attending school as well as school events such as homecoming and prom.

Another interview with high school senior, Enrique Leon, showed he had similar sentiments on the issue. As the senior class pushes towards graduation they are met this year with more uncertainty and without much of the unique senior experience. The senior believes that in-school learning is more beneficial when students require help. Leon states, “I think I get more work done at school because I have teachers to help me [with] any work I am having trouble with.” Later on, when asked his opinion of online or in-class school he shared more problems he sees with online schooling, he replied, “Doing it online is difficult since there are many technical difficulties. Also if I need to ask a teacher a question from a period that has already passed, it would be much easier to ask if I was at school.” Online school is definitely more challenging for students and teachers to say the least.

As Turlock Unified School District continues to push to open schools, it is important to understand what school reopenings mean to some students. Consistent meals, time with friends, and a comfortable learning environment are just a few of the things students may miss about school. Fortunately for them, school reopening may be approaching sooner than expected.

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