Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Canga

December 7, 2020

There are many teachers all over the world who care and appreciate their students. Many teachers have a positive attitude, and many others have a chill vibe, but we can all agree that teachers aren’t appreciated enough for the hard work that they are doing for all of the students. Ms. Canga was one of my Science teachers in Jr high, and when I tell you that she was the best teacher, I mean that she was the best teacher. She was the type of teacher that helped you no matter what your pace was, she cared very much for each of her students, she was like our mom, but for science class. Every day when we walked into her class, she would have the biggest smile on her face because she was so grateful to see us, we were all so excited to enter her classroom because we couldn’t wait for what she was going to teach us. When a student was not understanding something or was struggling, she would always help out! If she realized the student needed more help, she would obviously let them stay after school so that she could help them even more so that they wouldn’t be stuck anymore. Many students should begin to appreciate our teachers more because they work hard for us to succeed, because of Ms. Canga, I wouldn’t be the student I am today. Everyone should always be thankful for those around, especially teachers because they work hard and don’t get enough credit for it.

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