Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Elstad (Turlock High School)

December 7, 2020

I would like to dedicate this article to my photography teacher Mrs. Elstad. Since I started photo one my junior year she taught me how to use my camera to the fullest of my abilities to shoot amazing shots. Not only did she show the classroom this she also goes into detail on how the camera works, how the lens works, and different ways to get angles for our shots. Mrs. Elstad also eased the class into getting on photoshop. She knew we would have trouble so she started us off working on a browser program called pixlr and then slowly moved us to photoshop. Mrs. Elstad didn’t just stick with the basic things either she would make sure to go above and beyond. She taught everyone in the class to have a more open mind and get creative with our shots and even if we mess up to try and try again she would always tell everybody that we had great ideas and to put it in place. Now in my senior year of high school, I joined photo two to expand my horizons with photography and Mrs. Elstad helps everyone during this hard time where every teacher has to teach online. She shows us how to be more creative to get good shots of things inside the house, and how to get good shots with random things we have in our household, things like how to get good angles where we could place our objects to get the perfect lighting, how to change our phone settings on our phones to get better photos. Mrs. Elstad also does her best to go into extreme detail with things especially if someone doesn’t understand what is going on. This is why I would like to have this teacher appreciation dedicated to my teacher Mrs. Elstad.

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