Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Carpenter (Turlock High School)

Eydi Duque-Sandoval, Junior Staff Writer

Ever since the beginning of online learning, all students from K-12 have felt drained and motivation to succeed has begun to decline. However, it has been proven that motivation levels can be raised by simply listening to music throughout the day. Listening to music while studying gives many benefits to the brain and to a person’s health.

 Sarah Carpenter, a Turlock High School teacher who has been teaching music for about fifteen years, decided to speak on this topic, and she states, “I recommend students listen to music all the time, but during distance learning, it is especially important. We can all use a pick-me-up right now, even if it is just a dance party of one.” She also followed up with, “Listening to music can boost your mood, enhance different life events, and enrich cultural experiences.” Even if people can’t visit one another they can still dance and sing to the same songs.

Research suggests that listening to certain types of music while studying can have a positive impact on mood, which may lead to an increase in the ability to focus on the task at hand. In the article “The Brain Benefits of Music Professor Sarah Wilson states, “You’re not only exercising the music-related bits, but you’re also exercising your memory, you’re exercising the language system, You’re exercising all these other networks.” Listening to music has many benefits, like exercising different parts of our brain, helping us stay focused, and even learning new languages. 

All in all, music is a good source to use when one is trying to relax or when one is feeling stressed. Music can also change people’s moods and gives them the motivation to accomplish a variety of tasks. Everyone should listen to music during distance learning because there are many benefits to experience.