Stay Safe, Stay Fit

December 7, 2020

During this Quarantine, many individuals have found it hard to stay motivated or happy. This has led to a lot of unhealthy decisions, affecting both the mental and physical health of individuals. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to stay healthy during this difficult time.

One main way people have been able to stay sane and fit has been through participating in physical activities such as exercising. Some examples of this include weight lifting, calisthenics, cardio, and practicing sports. Exercise has been a good alternative for unhealthy habits and an outlet for people to let go of their feelings.  

A Student from Pitman High School, David Garcia, was interviewed and was able to provide a much better understanding of how exercise really became a great distraction for him during this tough time. Garcia says, “It helps my mind like it just helps me worry less about many things… exercises get you addicted to the body you want and it helps a lot in many cases in strengthening you in diseases or heart problems, etc.” If people began to do the same as David, they would not only be healthier physically but also mentally. 

An article by Nuvance Health also provides information on the importance of exercising during the pandemic. The article states, “Exercise is a proven mood-boost and can help adults reduce stress levels and build emotional resilience (Health Para 7)” This proves that exercise truly can help people to maintain themselves and that everyone should do it.

 Not only can exercise boost one’s physical health, but it can boost an individual’s mental health as well.

 This quarantine has affected many people in mainly negative ways, but if individuals would try exercising more and creating healthier habits, their mental and physical health wouldn’t be affected as much by this quarantine. As exercising and keeping a good mindset has helped students such as David, it could also help many others in the same way.

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