Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Reyes

December 7, 2020

For students a teacher is a role model, a mentor, for some, teachers are even a friend, a listener, a part of one’s life. From what I have gathered from my years as a student, teachers vary from school to school. I have seen teachers who gave little to no will to teach, I have seen teachers who would spend hours upon hours wanting to help their students. I have seen a lot from being a student, but out of all those experiences, one teacher stood out among the rest, that was Mr. Reyes.

Mr. Reyes was one of those hardworking teachers, the ones who connected with their students, the ones who would make their class laugh while also being great mentors. You could learn a lot from Mr. Reyes whether it was about law enforcement or just how to live life, he had an answer. Mr. Reyes was one of the most approachable teachers that Turlock High School. His Criminal Justice classes and Criminal investigation classes are some of the most interesting classes.  Mr. Reyes brought life to every room he was in, and to his students. Mr. Reyes is one of the best teachers I have the pleasure of being taught by. Mr. Reyes was so wise and smart, one can easily tell he really loved his job. I will say I, like many students, am going to miss him.

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