Teacher Appreciation: Miss Perez (Turlock High School)

December 7, 2020

Miss Perez, a Spanish teacher here at Turlock high school, is loved by many of her students. Many may say she is caring and is always there to check in with her students to see how they are doing in school or mentally. She always makes sure she is reasonable with all of her students and with the workloads she gives out. One of her past students, Bereienda Younan, says that Miss Perez “was very understanding. Actually took time and taught people and if you didn’t understand you were able to go to her classroom during lunch for extra help.” Not only did Miss Perez take the time to help students who needed extra help, and she also made sure everyone was comfortable. According to another one of her past students, Angela Gutierrez, she says that “Miss Perez makes everyone feel so comfortable in her class and is very inclusive, she makes learning fun with her positivity and kindness.” With this being said Miss Perez makes sure that every student is not stressed and is learning everything that they need to know. She makes sure that all students are comfortable and will check up on students privately as she wants to help students out if they are having problems at home. Overall Miss Perez is very caring and will make sure all her students are successful. She will even take the time out of her day to help students with college applications and so much more. 

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