Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Tribble (Turlock High School)

December 7, 2020

Throughout my four years at Turlock High School, one of the teachers that have has the greatest impact on my life has been the AP Psychology teacher, Mr. Tribble. In Tribble’s classroom, kindness and respect were expressed toward every student. Regardless of the class itself being labeled as AP Psychology, Mr. Tribble was extremely helpful when it came to guiding students toward their discovery of their passions. Unlike the usual teacher, Tribble also catered to the student population in his classroom by incorporating different teaching styles into his lectures, allowing students to be able to understand and retain the lesson, regardless of what their learning style may have been. Some of the most memorable moments I had in Mr. Tribble’s classroom were when we did group activities in which we would be given a task, and then as a group, we would have to work together to accomplish it. Tribble also constantly encouraged the class to speak their minds and ask questions, providing a safe and supportive environment for his students to learn and develop as human beings.

Compared to other teachers I have had in the past, Mr. Tribble was also one of the best because of how in tune he was with his students’ emotional states and overall mentalities. His goal was never to intimidate his students, and he was never looking to judge or point out flaws in them either. Tribble would mention that his door was always open just in case any one of his students was experiencing hardships or other difficulties in their life. Although I never did take the opportunity to visit his classroom outside of class time, it took a weight off my shoulders knowing he was willing to listen and help his students when they were struggling the most.

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