Struggles of Online School

December 7, 2020

While at home as a result of the current pandemic, students are faced with new challenges nobody was prepared for, nor expecting. Many students have been left feeling unmotivated to do their assignments since online teaching methods have been integrated by schools across the country. One of the biggest problems with online school is the connection issues which cause many students to miss lectures and important information. This problem is especially harmful when it comes to a student’s will to work, which they lose as a result of the constant stress created by the reoccurring issue they face. Students are even being marked absent from their classes even though they are not able to join the Zoom call due to internet access difficulties. 

Another issue with online schooling is that many students are unable to focus on school because of the variety of distractions around them. Other students have to take care of younger siblings and cannot focus on school because they are putting the needs of their siblings before their own, especially since many parents are at work throughout the day. A fellow student at Turlock High School, Donte Clemans, says that, “the most difficult part of online school is the social interactions.” Zoom is an application schools are using to virtually see each other. While making it easier for the teachers to be more interactive with their students one on one, it is still stressful for the students to learn in this new environment.  This makes it exhausting for students to find the motivation to complete the work since it is already difficult for them to learn. 

As of March of this year, students have been using Zoom and Google Meets in replacement of a classroom, and, as a result, many have struggled. Online schooling has created many problems for students and teachers alike that interferes with their ability to learn and teach. However, Turlock High School offers many helpful options to students as well. Students can obtain a hotspot from the school by contacting the activities office or said student’s counselor which can help to reduce the number of students who disconnect from their classes. Most teachers are also lenient when it comes to students who are having connection issues or family problems as long as they are notified. Another helpful way to aid in one’s focus is to find a place at home that is free of other technology that may be distracting or just a place that is quiet in general. Students can also use a planner to keep themselves organized and on track when it comes to incoming assignments.

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