Pet Therapist

December 7, 2020

King Fredrick of Prussia once said, “Dog is man’s best friend”, but so are cats, birds, and even goldfish. All of these pets give lots of love to the ones they see as worthy, and most of the time, their love is easy to gain. Pets are like therapists in the way that they do not judge and they do not mind lending their shoulder to cry on, especially during these days of emotional vulnerability where they are also being affected.

Pets can play a big role in one’s emotional health by doing something as simple as allowing individuals to hug or play with them. Johanna Inostroz, a student of E Cademy, who has a pet dog named Coco states, “I was having a hard time trying to keep up with assignments and trying to focus on my schoolwork one day and after holding in all my pent up stress and negative emotions I had a breakdown. Usually, on any other day, Coco would ignore my presence and pretend I didn’t exist but that day he stayed by my side and let me just pet him to calm myself down.” By merely being around someone, pets can change a person’s mood or make them feel safe. During these times, there aren’t many people to turn to physically due to social distancing, so the bond with a pet can strengthen, and some people cannot help but rely on them for emotional support. 

This big shift in people’s lives and the amount of time they spend at home can also affect their relationship with their pets. A student of Turlock High School, Kasandra Aguilar, states, “I have one dog and her name is Luna. She would get a lot of anxiety when we were gone, so having us there made her feel a lot better.” For a pet, being alone for long periods of time can give them anxiety or make them feel depressed due to being separated from their owners. Pets are almost always happy by just being with the ones they love, so being able to spend more time with them can improve their mood and make them healthier as well.

Being in quarantine, individuals are now feeling the exact same things their pets would feel when they had to wait at home until they could see their owners and try to get them to play. Instead of focusing all attention on not being able to go out with friends to parties and missing school, spending time with our pets is just as great.

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