Covid Shutdown: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

December 7, 2020


Movie theaters are a place where anyone of any age can go to sit back, relax, and watch a film while enjoying some tasty popcorn and soda. However, ever since April, things haven’t been the same. COVID-19 has affected the lives of many, and because of this pandemic, happy times spent with friends, family, and loved ones are scarce.

 Throughout this quarantine, movie theaters have tried to open up multiple times as Coronavirus cases decreased, but were immediately shut down because of county health regulations. With no new movies being released, movie theaters are having a hard time opening up as many movie production companies have ceased filming progress and will most likely start back up again in 2021-2022. 

In an interview with Carlos Galindo, a sophomore at Turlock High School, he gave his experience and perspective on the theater shut down. Galindo states, “I would go once a month, or whenever a movie I really wanted to watch came out”. When asked about which he would prefer more, the movies or watch at home, he quickly responded with, “One hundred percent would go back to the movies, watching at home just isn’t the same as going to the movies, yes it is a bit pricey, but it’s all about the experience and who you go with”. The current pandemic has affected us all at some point, but if we work together, we could easily overcome these challenges. Through consistency and dedication when it comes to taking necessary precautions, we will also be able to spend more time entertaining ourselves with friends and family at places other than home

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Covid Shutdown: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You