The Hidden Germ

Hayley Harden, Art Editor

Did you know that an everyday classroom item contains nearly fourteen times more germs than the office toilet seat? From bench seats to carpets and desks, germs are everywhere.  With COVID-19 going around, it is important to be aware of the germs one is exposed to. 

Turlock Unified School District takes major precautions to ensure that students will be safe and healthy when returning to school. Scott Richardson, Director of Maintenance and Operations, has said, “TUSD has more than 40 custodians district-wide who have the responsibility of cleaning all classrooms and restrooms on a daily basis. Their daily tasks include; sanitizing all restrooms, cleaning all classrooms including trash, vacuuming and disinfecting high touch surfaces, and keeping the exterior of our schools clean of all trash and debris.” The campuses are regularly cleaned and the district has also hired short term sanitation helpers to walk through the sites daily to do additional cleaning such as disinfecting high contact surfaces like door handles. With these protocols in action, daily germs on campus are sure to be wiped out. 

You may be wondering what would be done if a room had been exposed to COVID-19.  According to Richardson, “If a positive case is reported from a particular room we first quarantine that room for 24 hours and then we thoroughly disinfect all surfaces before occupying that space]… We have our staff wear extra PPE and clean the room.” While the district is doing its part to keep students healthy, it is important to keep up regular cleanliness such as washing hands regularly and social distancing so that we may all return to campus and be together once again