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Children, Vaping, and Covid! Oh My!

December 7, 2020

Smoke, grey and putrid. It can block out many colors, including those of a person’s life. Recently, there has been an increase in vaping cases among young adults and teens. A lot of times, kids take up vaping because of their parents, which may be a key factor in why there has been an increase. 

There are many questions about how the increase in minors vaping began. Minors do not understand what will happen if they continue this habit or the consequences it may have on their body. According to Public Health L.A., “The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced that more than 30% of LA County high school students have reported using e-cigarette products and 10% of high school students regularly use e-cigarette products according to the latest data from the 2017-18 California Student Tobacco Survey and the California Healthy Kids Survey.” 30% may not seem like a lot, but it can result in serious and deadly consequences.. 

Currently, the United States has no way of stopping children from taking their parent’s vape pens. The states have already done almost everything to keep kids from buying them, but it won’t end the problem. “A new generation has become addicted to nicotine through flavored vape products like e-cigarettes,” said Barbara Ferrer, Ph.D., MPH, MEd when interviewed by LAC Department of Public Health.

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