The Importance of Parent Involvement in a Child’s Success

December 7, 2020

Parents have a massive impact on their children’s lives in many different ways. One of the largest impacts that parents can make on a child’s life is the way they can affect their success in both the present and future. A parent’s involvement can either make or break the success of a child’s education and future career. Being an involved parent gives your child the push they need to do well in school as well as the rest of their life. 

Especially in high school, grades can be extremely important in determining a student’s future. Nicole Lonergan, a teacher from Turlock High School who has been teaching for six years, said, “When parents know what is going on in their child’s classes, they are better able to help them with the work, or at least help their students manage their time and workload… When students have no support at home it can impact their academics negatively.” Her statement was very similar to many other teachers that were interviewed. For example, Michelle Perry, a current teacher at Wakefield Elementary who has been teaching for sixteen years, stated, “The ongoing effect of an absence of support at home, I have found is consistent with all students showing a lack of motivation and a lack of care or concern for the present or future successes. Students with no support typically have very low grades, typically non-passing, with many missing assignments.” As Perry has stated, even experienced teachers have noticed a reoccurring struggle in students who haven’t had help from their parents or guardian.

Lack of help and motivation not only affects a child’s current academic situation but even carries on into students’ future. Joseph Sousa, a Portuguese teacher at Turlock High School who has been teaching for thirteen years, said, “[In my experience] students with support are more likely to attend and graduate from college.” Another teacher at Turlock High, Mary Krupka, who has been teaching for thirty-one years, stated, “Each year, I have students who have parents that don’t care about their schooling. I think the percentage of students who succeed in this type of upbringing is a lower percentage than those who have parents that value education and good work,” meaning she too agrees that students with support from their parents are more likely to succeed in the future.

Students need some sort of support from a parent, legal guardian, or adult to succeed. Children and teens are heavily influenced by the adults around them, so, if one’s parent or guardian doesn’t strive for academic success, why should the child do so? It’s important to push your children and give them the foundation to succeed.

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