Showing We Care

December 7, 2020

We have all been hit hard by the changes caused by the pandemic; many have lost their jobs, and some have also lost loved ones. It has been exhausting for all of us, and many need a break to spend with others. The conversation with family and friends about boundaries you would like to set to protect yourself is a difficult one, but definitely, an important one to have. As recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) it is important to inform loved ones about not wanting to meet, not only for one’s own safety but for theirs as well. The tone of the conversation will be the key to getting the message across. Our loved ones are people we wish to see for as long as possible. Therefore, it should not be an argument but rather a conversation about how to keep ourselves safe. 

There can be other ways of getting in touch, we have seen it all: from having virtual dinners or simply calling to catch up. And, although we do miss the personal conversations in person, our time without said conversations will not be long. This has been said more than once, but it cannot be stressed enough. In the end, we must all work together for the sake of our friends, family, and loved ones. Always remember, we’ve got this! 

 As more celebrations arise, many of which are generally spent with extended family or friends, get-togethers must be altered to suit our situation. Knowing some individuals are going out to large get-togethers without much precaution is scary, and there have been various incidents of cases arising after said events. But, during these times of celebration, we all should do our best to keep everyone safe. The CDC has stated that if you are planning to celebrate with family, these events should be held in the open air, and, if possible, food should be eaten only by those who brought it. Virtual dinners are always an option as well, as they are much safer. 

There are so many ways to get creative with how we go about our tough situation. It is best to find what works best for each individual, ensure that these plans are safe, and that they will keep others safe and healthy too.

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