Jobs in Quarantine

March 18, 2021

Recently, teenagers have been greatly affected as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Most teens are bored and stuck inside with not much to do. However, some teens have occupied their extra time by getting jobs and working. There are many benefits and opportunities of getting a job that may help teens during these tough times.

Getting a job at a young age can help build a foundation of skills that can be used later in life. These skills include responsibility, time management, leadership, and social skills. According to Calvin Kirchhoff, a teen that attends Turlock High School, “My job has affected me positively because I have gained new friendships as well as financial benefits.” Having said this, he shows that jobs are a great opportunity to meet new people and build helpful skills for the future. Students at Turlock High School can apply for the Work Experience Class and are then given time during sixth period to leave campus to work at their job. Students can apply for this class by contacting their counselor. Having additional priorities such as school and a job can help develop time management skills while hopefully getting rid of bad habits, such as procrastination. 

Having a job is beneficial for most people, especially teens. Starting to earn money as a teenager is a smart choice because they can set up a savings account and begin to prepare themselves for the future. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, for every year someone works as a teenager, their income rises from 14-16 percent in their 20s. The current minimum wage in California is $14 an hour, which is a very generous amount for a teen. Teens can learn how to manage their money and save for their future when they may attend a trade school or college. 

Nowadays, applying for a job is simple if one has the right qualifications and a positive attitude. The first step to take is creating a resume and cover letter. The next step is to go in-person to the job you are applying for. While there, you will deliver the resume and cover letter to an employee or manager. The final step is to wait patiently for the manager to call you in for an interview. If applying is something that sounds interesting, then websites such as list businesses that are hiring and will filter to businesses in your area. Following these steps can hopefully guarantee a job for any teen. 

When working at a job, teenagers develop skills that are needed in the post-high school world. Calvin Kirchhoff states, “I would encourage teens to get a job, especially during COVID, when they have the extra time.” With all the extra time and energy teens have due to the pandemic, a job would be the perfect way to gain some work experience and some money. 

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