The Class of 2021

February 18, 2021


As a result of the current pandemic, schools worldwide are closed and are now teaching students digitally. Everyone is adjusting to the new way of life and making sacrifices to keep others safe, but seniors are sacrificing a lot as well. 

Many seniors pictured their senior year to be simple, easy, and, most importantly, fun. Faviola Uriarte, a senior at Turlock High School, states,“To be honest, I thought it was going to be a simple year and I knew it was going to be kinda difficult… kinda, but easier in a way.” For seniors like Faviola, this year was supposed to be a simple and fun year; the year for seniors to enjoy their last year at Turlock High School. 

Some seniors were going to use this year to get help in finding a path for the future and learn about different college opportunities. Galilea Uriarte, another senior at Turlock High School, states, “I pictured my senior year to be full of events and finding many things that would be tailored to seniors … things that would help seniors with colleges … And also have fun and be like honored right since it is going to be our last year in high school.” Seniors were looking forward to guest speakers that come from different colleges to talk to the students about their programs. Some would have liked hands-on help with college applications, and some needed advice from teachers to help them with future career goals. 

Seniors feel devastated at the fact that they are missing out on many last chance high school experiences. Going to sporting events or participating in school plays are just a few things that seniors will no longer get the opportunity to participate in. Galilea Uriarte states, “I do feel disappointed because there is only so much you can do from a computer compared to what you can do at school. There’s only so much similarity there can be between the events you can do at school, in person, and the events that are happening online which is … discouraging. You expect to be able to go to Harvest Bowl or … powder puff or … prom … but for it to possibly be over a computer or not even happen at all is definitely very disappointing, and not something you’d want to happen to you or anyone.” Being able to enjoy their last high school football game with their friends or just enjoy being together at lunch is something that the senior year is never getting back, and it is very devastating.

There are specific things that only seniors could do that they really looked forward to. The senior trip, for example, was something that most seniors were looking forward to since their freshman year and because of COVID-19, the trip was completely canceled. Some seniors even wanted to welcome the freshman class and be there for them to help them get accustomed to high school life and to meet new people. “I wanted to make new friends with the fresh meat. I don’t know just being able to make new friends,” was something that Faviola had hoped to do. Another example is prom. When the class of 2021 were juniors, COVID-19 resulted in the canceling of prom and now the senior year won’t be able to gather with friends and awkwardly dance on an overcrowded dancefloor with beautiful decorations.

The seniors are sadly accepting their fate and holding their heads up high, hoping to at least finish the year strong. Because of COVID-19, we all learned that we should not take anything for granted because, in a split second, it could all change.

UPDATE: Since the publishing of this piece the 2021 Prom and Harvest Bowl have been announced. We hope to welcome the class of 2021 in late March.

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