Harvest Bowl: This Year’s Hottest Fashion Event


Evan Christopher, Public Relations

The Harvest Bowl was a magical place to be. The dog pound was lit up with blue and gold. There was an ambiance of school spirit which made it a magical evening.

Some people simply wore their yellow Harvest Bowl shirts. While this seems to be basic and unspirited, it made the dog pound a super colorful sight to see. On the other hand, some people went all out with their school spirit. People brought out their custom school spirit wear and it was absolutely stunning. 

However, there were some fashion mistakes. Some people got glitter from the craft store and put it into their hair. This may seem like a great way to show school spirit but it is not. Glitter and hair do not mix very well. Not only does it not look fantabulous but it may cause hair damage. There are alternatives to this such as spray hair color or a temporary hair dye. 

After almost 2 years of not being able to be together as a school, Harvest Bowl was the first big school event where we could actually enjoy each other’s company. As we finally begin to return to normal after the pandemic, it’s important to keep our school’s spirit alive!