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Lost in Textiles

October 11, 2021


Sewing machines, threads, fabrics, and all types of textiles are things that are not usually seen within a classroom. Having the chance to have them in a classroom might be odd, but not when it’s a fashion class. Many people may believe that fashion is irrelevant, when in fact every day when picking out what to wear they are thinking about fashion without realizing it. Fashion is impactful, diverse, and self-explanatory.

Just about three years ago, Turlock High School had a fashion class in which they learned about fashion history, clothing textiles, and sketching their own designs. As Coco Chanel once said ¨In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.¨By saying this she implied that one piece of clothing could be worn differently, making each difference unforgettable. Over the last three years that the fashion class has not been available, there has been an increase in interest in taking the class. The impact Turlock High would make by making the class an option again would be very influential.

Anne Cornell, a current Turlock High school teacher who has been teaching for 25 years, decided to speak on this topic. She stated that the fashion class should be brought back because it would further students’ interests. As one of the past fashion class instructors, this is what she had to say, ¨Having the fashion class back could lead students to other career opportunities, such as fashion designers, shoe designers, web designers, clothing manufacturing, clothing store owners entrepreneurs etc.¨. She believes that if the class is brought back and students enroll in it, they could expand their studies in colleges such as Delta college, FIDM, or even the Fashion Institute.

Overall, Turlock High School should add the fashion class back based on the fact that it could expand career interests and opportunities for future students. Above all, it has the potential to lead students to explore different fields of work uncommonly known.

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