Covid-19 Isn’t The Only Mality Affecting High Schoolers

Covid-19 Isnt The Only Mality Affecting High Schoolers

Noah Gonzales, Junior Staff Writer

Covid-19 hasn’t been the only virus affecting high school students, there has been another virus that has been going around influencing students for a much longer time, and that virus is sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is defined as someone who is suffering from a lack of sleep. Most people don’t believe that this is a real issue however, lack of sleep can have some very harmful effects.

 Sleep deprivation affects everyday performance as, “The symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation are excessive daytime sleepiness and daytime impairment which is basically reduced concentration throughout the day, slower thinking, and rapid mood changes” (Sunl 1) from The Sleep Foundation. This causes everyday life to feel unmotivated and life you can’t get back to your usual self. However, these aren’t the worst effects. In fact, this is just the beginning.

If not checked, sleep deprivation may even lead to affecting your cardiovascular health. According to The Sleep Foundation  “The most serious potential problems linked with chronic sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, and stroke” (Sunl 1). However, these issues have been covered by multiple other websites such as Health Essentials and the American Sleep Association. For some reason, people still don’t know about the severity or simply choose to ignore these problems.

This is a large issue in general but it’s much worse for high schoolers as their brains are still developing.  “Lack of sleep effects can include memory and judgment impairment, mood swings, and sleep deprivation headaches. Other common signs of sleep deprivation may be clumsiness, and weight gain or weight loss” (ASM writers). This may cause students’ mental health to suffer more than they already are as a student who is suicidal or has body dysmorphia could feel even more lost. This may cause them to give up as they can’t make proper judgment calls about circumstances. 

However, there are some solutions to this issue. These include teachers not assigning as much work to students and taking into account other classes and circumstances. As student board member Lola Moitoso explains, “It’s exhausting. Personally, it feels like I’m repeating myself… I can’t answer all the questions. I balance everything out by not putting all my eggs in one basket so that when I put things in one category [so] I don’t stress myself out…It’s difficult sometimes as there just isn’t enough time”.

This isn’t the only student who feels this way, student-athlete Peter Mello explains, “It’s very time-consuming being a student-athlete balancing everything out like not being home half a day. Especially, if other students want to go further in your sport it’s very stressful. Being a student-athlete has its positives and negatives however it feels like they’re just all this weight on your shoulders; from people relying on you to succeed in both athletics and academics. I’ve seen many students fail in both because balancing all this is too much. The pressure of maintaining everything being pushed harder than others is difficult. It feels at times many people want us to fail… Especially when there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, and if you somehow get everything done you’re exhausted; the next day is just a repeat of the same process”.

Lastly, this is all caused by there being too much work and pressure on students who can’t get everything done in a timely manner as they are still trying to live lives outside of just schoolwork, which leaves them exhausted and sleep-deprived.