The NJROTC Program

October 20, 2021

The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at THS has around 100 cadets involved and is one of the few group organizational classes on campus. It is similar to groups such as FFA and Band. There is also no required commitment for military service, so there is no pressure to enlist when completing the class, though it still is an option

Did you know that ROTC counts for PE credits? You will usually exercise two times a week, albeit sometimes more difficult than normal PE, and the other three days will be focusing on the rest of the curriculum in the class. They also take plenty of trips during the year as well. We get to travel to San Francisco to tour a Navy ship, we take trips to the naval academy in California, and we participate in both the Homecoming and Christmas parades. We have a yearly field meet with other schools, in which we get to show off our mental and physical skills. Assuming the prior points have enticed you, let’s talk about teams in the NJROTC program. 

If you’ve been to any football games, you’ve most likely seen the Color Guard, which are the people carrying out flags and rifles for the national anthem. Joining NJROTC could give you a chance to join this team, among the many others that we have in this program. If you’re not too much of a fan of formal and thought-out events, you could put your brain to the test in our academic team. You could instead use both your mental and physical prowess during our fast-paced orienteering trips.

Whether you’re actually interested in joining one of the armed forces, or are just interested in taking the class for the opportunities we offer, our instructors are helpful towards everyone. However, if you do plan to join the military, or even try out for the ROTC scholarship, they will be there to help you every step of the way. As mentioned before, there is no obligation towards military service if you join NJROTC, but many of our cadets come to enjoy the thought of serving in any one of the branches.

With all the opportunities available within this class, there should be no question that you should consider learning more about it. The NJROTC program may not be the biggest program on campus, but it has the most potential. 


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