Christmas Parade

Talin Gharibi, Junior Staff Writer

The Christmas parade is an annual event held on the first Friday of December in Turlock. On December 3rd at 6:30, the Christmas parade was held on Main Street. Everyone who participated had created a float or marched information. Christmas In Toyland was the theme and made for a fun event this year, bringing joy and excitement to all who braved the cold to attend.

This event is an exciting and fun tradition for everyone in the community to get together as one. Turlock High School, and the other participating schools as well as The City of Turlock are happy to bring joy and happiness this Christmas to families, kids, and many more. 

At the parade, I saw a lot of cute lights everywhere, cars decorated, and people wrapped in Christmas decorations. I think that this was a fun event. I was able to spend time with others and enjoy the Christmas spirit. The NJROTC group marched first, covered in lights. Cheerleaders had cute little Santa socks with lights around them. Many schools had participated in the parade and had different decorations. Some brought horses and others brought their big cars which they had decorated with lights, fluffy snow, and posters. Many of them had Santa Claus hats.

Some people had made a little reindeer with lights. There were people dancing, Christmas music playing, and more. It was fun and exciting because seeing everyone enjoy themselves and having them participate in an event like this really brought some happiness during the things we have been going through in recent years. Covid has been bringing people down and family members have been losing loved ones. This event really changed everything and brought happiness to our people. The community got together as one and worked together to make the Christmas parade happen.