Nationwide Teacher Shortages


Liam Nicastro, Junior Staff Writer

There is a new issue slowly making its way across our country.  That issue is the increasing number of shortages in the teaching profession.  It’s normal to see teacher shortages occur in certain subjects.  However, the current situation is unlike anything that we have experienced before. Education administrators are alarmed by the current situation. 

¨This is the most acute shortage of labor we have ever had¨ Associate Superintendent Tony Wold said, ¨ We have opened this year with 50 teaching positions open.  That means students are going to 50 classrooms that do not have a permanent teacher.¨ 

While this issue has not hit home locally, it is something that teachers and administrators at our school are well aware of. ¨Teacher shortages don’t impact me on a day-to-day basis at the moment¨  teacher at THS Abbi Snider said, ¨but I could see this becoming a real issue in future years as more teachers retire.¨ 

At Turlock High School, the real problem seems to be the severe lack of substitute teachers available to fill in.  Given the current situation and the extended absences created by Covid, this can cause real problems in regards to staffing.

¨Our school has an excellent sub secretary, but there have been many days where she is unable to find coverage for classes because there is a huge shortage of substitutes. This means that teachers across our campus need to cover for other teachers who are out during their prep. It is quite an exhausting day when this happens!¨ stated Snider. As Mrs.Snider points out, these shortages can lead to teachers feeling more stressed and tired, which can ultimately lead to burnout and perhaps cause a teacher to consider retirement. 

The last two years have forced all of us to rethink how we approach many everyday things that we used to take for granted.  Teachers have been put under a lot of pressure during these times.  They have been asked to do things they were not trained to do and their jobs have evolved and changed.  Given all of the potential issues teachers now face, it is not surprising that we are beginning to see the numbers of available teachers begin to shrink.  If the current trends continue, it will not be long before we begin to see even more of these types of shortages much closer to home.