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Fashion at the Harvest Bowl

October 8, 2022

Going to Harvest Bowl is an amazing experience on its own, but going well-dressed could make it an even better one! There were plenty of students who showed up with nice outfits and fancy makeup. For example, Some girls decided to paint their faces blue and gold to show school spirit.. Harvest bowl is a big event for Turlock High School, so it would make sense to wear something spirited to an amazing school event. When you’re dressed in bright blues and gold it’s much easier to take lots of good photos, especially when the yearbook team is out on the field taking pictures of the crowd as well as the game.

There were mixtures of many incredible outfits. One outfit seen over and over was wearing a Turlock High t-shirt and jeans. It may be going back to basics, but it’s casual and seems to be very comfortable, which people tend to love at long games like this one. Some dressed up their jeans by emblazing them THS logos or slogans with yellow or blue fabric paint. While THS has moved past the tutus and morph suits of years past, the student body made sure to show its spirit. 

With the donation of hundreds of Bluudog pride shirts sponsored by local businesses, many students struggled to find a way to be unique. One of the most popular alterations is cropping the shirts. It adds a cute, modern flair to the shirts and goes with almost any person’s style. It’s a timeless classic that can be paired with any hair and makeup as well. Some girls did a more natural look with various different shades while others used our school colors to accentuate and coordinate with their outfits. You can also wear this with any hairstyle, long or short. The look is one that everyone can wear and look equally amazing in.

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