Meet your Homecoming Queen Nominees

October 9, 2022

Welcome the 2022 homecoming queens of Turlock High School. This year students nominated Princess Madrigal, Ashley Pannel, Jethzail Maldonado, Abigail Wenstrand, Jemelly Perez, Vivianna Quintero, Mia Garibay, Amirah Richardson, Alexis Goularte, and Atziry Virrueta. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about each candidate! To start off we have Princess Madrial, a senior at Turlock High who is 17 years old. Princess does many things in and out of school. For example, Princess does volleyball, link crew, as well as FFA. Outside of school she helps at New Life youth group and does travel volleyball. The next candidate is Ashley Pannell. Ashley is a senior and is 17 years old. Ashley plays for the Turlock High school volleyball team. Next is Jethzall  Maldonado. Jethzail is also a senior and she is 17 years old. Jethzall also does many things for Turlock Highschool. For example, she participates in HYLC (Hispanic Youth Leadership Council),  link crew, and she also does community service. The next candidate is Abigail Wenstrand. Abigail Wenstrand is a senior and is 18 years old. She is the President and founder of the climbing club, a leader of the link crew, and a key member of Relay for Life. Students and adults from Turlock High say that they voted for Abigail because she is committed to serving others, and has made many new friendships with her hard work. Abigail’s father, a teacher here at Turlock High School, states he is proud of his daughter because of her hard work and the way she helps others. Our final candidate is Jem Perez. They are a senior and are 17 years old. Jem interacts a lot with Turlock high school. Jem is the president of GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) and they also participate in choir, NAMI ( Mental Health Support Club), and HYLC. 

We have a couple more queens to go! Next, we have Vivianna Qintero. Vivianna is a senior and she is 17 years old. Vivianna has a great personality and is very involved in Turlock High school. Vivianna does Black T, link crew, SmartStart, and Kindness Club and does swimming and relay for Turlock High. Out of school, Vivianna is still a great person. She does lectures at Sacred Heart church. Next, we have Mia Garibay. Mia is a senior and is 17 years old. Mia is very involved in school. She is involved in Cheer, Link Crew, Relay for Life, and BSU. Outside of school, Mia coaches kids at Rise Above boxing gym and she volunteers to provide food for the homeless and any other needs they may have. Mia also works in Tesoro and Loza. Mia is a very humble person, she is always helping others and putting them before herself. Our next candidate is Amirah Richardson, who is a senior and 17 years old. o0;8/Amirah is also very involved in school. Amirah does cheer, link crew, ASB, Relay for life, and Block T. Outside of school she dances and volunteers with the homeless over holidays. Next, we have Alexis Goulart. Alexis is a senior and is 17 years old. Lexi is involved in a lot for Turlock Highschool. For example, she does Basketball, swimming,  track, Relay for life, Block T club, and is the ASB secretary. Outside of school she bakes and loves to spend time with family and friends. Last but not least, we have Atziry Virrueta, who is 17 years old and is a senior. Atziry is the president of HYLC. Outside of school, she works as a Recreation Leader for Turlock city.

Those are all of our homecoming Queens for 2022 at Turlock Highschool. Now, what you all have been waiting for, the Turlock High School homecoming queen for 2022 is Vivianna Quintero. Vivianna says she was very surprised that she won. She was very excited to be able to be a part of homecoming. Vivianna was very excited about spirit week because she loves to be involved and she loves dress-up days. Vivianna had no expectations of being queen but she is glad she got to run and she had lots of fun. Vivianna was also able to bond with all the queens and says it was a great experience. Congratulations Vivianna for being our homecoming queen. 

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