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Pey for the Devil a Snooze Fest

Pey for the Devil a Snooze Fest

December 12, 2022

When watching the movie Prey for the Devil by Daniel Stamm, I had high expectations for it. I was expecting it to be similar to most paranormal movies such as the conjuring and filled with terrifying demons and interesting characters. It was sadly not what I thought it was going to be. The movie was bland with scarce memorable moments and even less interesting characters. Many of the scenes felt very cliche and overdone. Moments such as having an ominous and menacing figure in the background of a window but nothing being thereupon turning around. Many of the scenes were similar to this where something creepy happened, but it feels disappointing. The feeling of the scenes feels similar to going to the same horror house on Halloween every year. It’s predictable, it feels like I’ve seen this movie my whole life with each trope making it incredibly boring. 

The characters of this movie don’t make it any better. The main character being a nun in an all-priest school was an interesting plot point but that’s all there is. The only person who finds it memorable is Sister Ann but that’s only because of her role as protagonist. Many of the supporting characters were forgettable and barely contributed to the plot. They barely exist when they aren’t on screen. They felt as if the only reason for their existence was to fill in the extra roles. The plot wasn’t much better. It was a simple one and was easy to follow but it felt like it was lacking in many categories. The story was dull as was the advancing of the plot and the conflict was generic at best. I wasn’t expecting the movie to be the next greatest cinematic masterpiece but I didn’t expect it to be the most boring movie I’ve seen in my life.

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