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Turlock High’s Disappointing Parking Lot

December 11, 2022

Turlock High School has been around since the beginning of the 1900’s meaning some of the things here need an update. One of those things is the school parking lot. For students, if you aren’t here before 8:00 you will not be able to park in the parking lot. You are better off skipping the parking lot and parking on the road or next to Crane Park across the street. This lack of parking makes students much later to first period because they can’t find a place to park. Asking around the school and talking to students who drive, and all of them agree. “The parking lot is hectic”, says Luke Perkins, a Junior here who has been driving for more than a year. “Even if I find a spot I have to sit in the line of parents to get in it”,  Another quote from Luke when asked about it. Although the parking here is not very good and leads to a crowded morning it is nice to have a parking lot so close to the boy’s locker room. In order to fix this we need to get rid of some of the open fields next to the parking lot and add spaces. 


Even looking at a smaller town school like Denair High they have multiple parking lots with lots of space for students and parents. Denair High has a number of 287 students enrolled right now while Turlock High has 2,547 students enrolled. With numbers like this, it is only fair we get another spot to park. Together Turlock is in need of more places to park to prevent chaos in the morning and after school.

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