Trick Or Treating And Safety

November 2, 2022

Happy Halloween bulldogs! Hope everyone enjoyed Turlock High School´s first Bulldog community trick-or-treating. Students who participated and wore their costumes were allowed to leave their BC and go out to other classes that were handing out candy. During lunch, there was a costume contest and Turlock´s very own dance class performed the song Thriller by Micheal Jackson, after the contest. Hopefully, Turlock High can start a tradition and trick or treat during BC every Halloween depending on how much students like it and what the school thinks of it. For a fun spooky holiday, it can get scary and dangerous being out at night trick or treating.  Here are some ways for you to stay safe on Halloween while you trick or treat.

Before eating your candy, you should always check all of it to make sure it was not opened or resealed. Always watch for razor blades in your candy, even though it is rare because it´s better to be safe than sorry. Also, while out trick or treating keep your eyes out on suspicious-looking cars lastly while trick or treating at night make sure not to go alone and to be safe. Going out alone on Halloween, let alone anywhere, can be dangerous and make you an easy target. 

On Halloween, when trick or treating always make sure to go with a group or at least with so me kind of parent or guardian. Even if you’re in a group, you should still always be aware of your surroundings and who’s around you. Make sure to always have your phone with you and for your parents to know where you are going and who you are with you. Remember to dress up, stay warm, stay safe and have fun! Happy Halloween Turlock High!

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