Turlock High Football Playoffs

Luke Perkins, Junior Staff Writer

There was a lot of hype going into the playoffs for our team and we knew the whole time that we could compete and make a good run for the section title. Even though the season is officially over, our team’s playoff run was one that made history. Starting with Edison in the first round of the playoffs the vibe that the team had was great. We were excited to get more depth with some sophomores coming up to varsity and excited to start a playoff run that would shock the section.

Going into the night of the first game we wanted to put on a show for the last time this year at our home, and we got off to a hot start and scored on the second play. The momentum for the rest of the game was in our favor and we ended up winning thirty-five to zero. We knew we would end up playing Saint Marys in Stockton which was expected to be a tough game. As underdogs the whole time our coaches wanted to put it in our heads that we can win we just have to believe in ourselves and our coaches. After a good week of practice, we headed up to Saint Marys to play the game of our lives, the energy from start to finish of the game was incredible we knew that we could pull this off and we did in a game that felt like it took forever with a lot of ups and downs especially when we threw an interception and thought that was game but there was still hope if we could get a stop and get the ball back we could win the game and we did we forced them to kick a field goal and he missed wide right the sideline and the stands erupted our offense was hot the whole game and we knew that we could score we drove down the field and scored a touchdown and got a two-point conversion.

After we gave the ball back to Saint Mary’s whose offense was also on fire we had hoped that our defense could win it and after we got an interception we were off to the third round to play Oak Ridge. We knew Oak Ridge was going to be another tough game for us i recognized that the energy wasn’t the same as it was the week before after we shocked Saint Marys it kind of felt like we already played our best ball game and that was the end and i believe that led to why we lost in an awful fashion we got shut out twenty-four to zero. Even though I am a Junior and have another year I still did cry for this was going to be the last time with this team that just had something special, even though we didn’t win a section title we still did make history as this was the farthest our school has ever made it and it gives us hope for next year with a lot of returning players and a good sophomore class that will be coming up to varsity next year we have high hopes for the 2023 Bulldogs.