Overflowing Ocean of Blue and Gold

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Overflowing Ocean of Blue and Gold

Ashley Rego, Staff Writer

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With cheering crowds and barely enough room to move even an inch in the Dog Pound, the Harvest Bowl was one of the most intense and memorable nights of the year. Turlock’s side was packed with spirit-filled friends, supportive families, enthusiastic cheering, and a sea of blue and gold. At one point during the game, the Dog Pound began to use Thundersticks provided by our Quarterback Club and chanted “Baby Shark”, a popular children’s nursery rhyme to pass the time and drown out Pitman’s side.

The attendance of the game was astounding. Turlock High School sophomore, Marco Cardenas, agrees, “ It was very full,” he stated, “ People couldn’t fit anymore. They had to find somewhere else to sit.”

Finding one’s friends was the safest bet to not get lost in the crowd and to sit somewhere surrounded by fellow students who were just as eager to watch the event unfold. The crowd during the Junior Varsity game seemed huge but increased immensely when it came to the Varsity game.

The loud cheers, avid THS football fanatics, and the children who are aspiring to be football players all paid close attention to the final game. Our cheer team began to chant even louder, riling up the fans for the final moments of the game. All eyes were on Turlock as they continued to score touchdown after touchdown, leaving Pitman in the dust. Once Turlock had claimed victory, the crowd stood and began to sing the “Alma Mater” with the football players, one of Turlock High School’s greatest tradition.

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Overflowing Ocean of Blue and Gold