Fashionably Blue and Gold

December 7, 2018

Glitter and the loud cheering voices of our fashionably dressed Bulldogs filled the bleachers and the sidewalks of the Joe Debely Stadium. The variety of spirit and individuality was widely expressed in our Dog Pound.

There was a lot of good articles of clothing that night. A couple of fashion styles worn were fringe crop tops with blue and gold beads at the ends, choker V-necks, muscle tank tops, as well as regular crop tops, V-necks and tank tops. The metallic gold tights were also a statement piece of its own. Some bulldogs did not dress flashy; however, they did know how to accessories with blue and gold hair ties, bandanas, and bows wearing them with style.

Our glitter queens that had one half of hair in gold glitter and the other blue glitter added a touch of “razzle dazzle” to the Dog Pound. Face painting was epically pulled off this year, especially the half and half face paint. The most popular face paint look was the festival dots, including blue, yellow, and white dots along faces, which is a Bulldog Spirit Classic.

Half the fun of the game includes dressing for the occasion, taking photos with friends, and looking fashionably blue and gold.  

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