End of an Era

October 30, 2018

Perhaps the hardest part of life is saying goodbye. Perhaps being a senior is particularly difficult because the last year of high school is just one long goodbye.

The class of 2019 has witnessed the victory of Turlock over Pitman every year it has been in high school; however, the victory this year was particularly exciting given that Turlock won at every level.

But the rush of adrenaline after victory, the bright blue and gold clothes and accessories, the sound of the thundersticks and the cheers from the crowd, were soon gone as people drove away from the defining aspects of the game.

“Man, it’s really sad,” stated Cameran Sherwood who has played on the Varsity team for three years. “As a sophomore, I didn’t really realize how fast this game would come, my very last Harvest Bowl…”

Granted, one can always return to the Harvest Bowl each year, but the game will never again be watched through the eyes of a senior. Never again will the same people be there. Never again will one be able to sit (more accurately, stand) in the Dog Pound and be surrounded by so much energy and so much blue and gold spirit.

The night became truly nostalgic when the Varsity players splashed water over Coach Peterson’s head and immediately embraced him.

“You can’t forget dunking the ice water on Coach Pete and just seeing how proud he is,” Sherwood continued. “I’m definitely going to miss those times the most.”

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