The Addams Family

Marco Cabrera, Sports Editor

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Full disclosure, this year’s fall play was phenomenal. Head of the Turlock High School drama department Michele VanNieuwenhuyzen and her crew have put on yet another breathtaking production with the fall’s showing of The Addams Family.

The piece takes us through the peculiar love affair between Wednesday Addams (Lily Perry) and Lucas Beineke (Matthew Johnson). As trouble-free as the astounding cast made the performance appear that was not the case behind the scenes. The vision VanNieuwenhuyzen had for the fall of 2018 predominantly swayed towards a musical rather than a typical “straight play”, finding it the most fitting given the time of year as well as the iniquity this particular musical presents. VanNieuwenhuyzen recounts the rigor saying, “Normally with a straight play you have rehearsal for six weeks [but] with musicals the rehearsal process is eight weeks Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm.” Believe it or not, a huge commitment of this caliber is still a very small price to pay for the unparalleled beauty that was left there on stage.

Perhaps no one gave a more genuine representation of this commitment than the stars of the show, Gomez Addams and his “amor” Morticia Addams, played by Jayce Rocha and Abigail VanNieuwenhuyzen. Rocha, a junior at Turlock High has been a dedicated member of the THS Drama Department since his freshman year back in 2016 and has been a thespian for an identical amount of time. Speaking with Rocha he explains how, “One thing that was really difficult was getting the character down due to Gomez being such an iconic character,” contrary to prior assumptions due to his seemingly effortless manipulation of the role. Alongside him was a familiar partner in crime Abigail VanNieuwenhuyzen who has partaken in other productions with Rocha such as her role in their showing of “The Wedding Singer”. Similarly, in The Addams Family, both shined with harmonious duets, as well as, jaw-dropping solo performances making the “chemistry” this duo possesses undoubtedly apparent.

With this performance, you cannot help but be eager for the next star-studded production this Drama Department puts together later on this spring…Stay tuned!