The Road to Glory

Ben Carroll, Junior Staff Writer

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Intense battles, roaring crowds, game-changing calls, win or go home. This is what playoffs are all about. Almost everyone across the country watches to see if their team will make it to the big stage in the championship game. The regular season means nothing now as the greatest teams will face off head to head to see who is superior. Turlock High School fans are identical as the “Dog Pound” erupts after a big play.

The stakes are much higher now for if a team loses, they will have to wait another season to try and make their way back into the playoffs. Every play counts, as one mistake could cost a team the win and end their season. Most games are down to the wire as every player is ready and knows that only a winning mentality will secure them the victory. Jazmyn Tubbs, an exceptional volleyball player who helped send their varsity team to the sectional championship, remarks on the topic, “The team goes into hyper focus when playoffs comes around and some of the strongest bonds were made during the playoffs because of the extra layers of team building needed to be successful.” No doubt athletes have to bring their “a-game” as losing could destroy a team’s chance at making history.

Turlock High School fans and players are as competitive as they come. Athletes get to travel across the state to play against some of the best teams. No matter where they play, Bulldog fans are alongside them every step of the way.

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The Road to Glory