High Spirited Students Rally Together For THS’s Annual Winter Rally

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The crowd cheered loudly shaking the gym with school spirit during this year’s Winter Rally. With the rally underway, the crowd excitedly waited to see the Winter Royalty walk down the glorious red carpet.

Each couple proudly walked towards the stage set up at the end of the gym after striking a pose for the camera. Next the contestants were seated the student body representatives hyped up the crowd by playing a game they called “Bird Box Musical Chairs.” Instead of calling the game just plain musical chairs they added “Bird Box” to the beginning because it is the name of a popular Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock. The movie is about the characters being blindfolded because of mysterious entities that make people go crazy if they make eye contact. This created a huge buzz on social media creating a “Bird Box Challenge” where people do everyday things blindfolded, like in the movie. Two students from each class played musical chairs blindfolded which left everyone in the audience laughing as they scrambled for chairs. The Turlock High School Cheerleaders, then performed a high energy dance to a mix of upbeat songs that exhilarated the crowd. That segued into a representative from yearbook, Jair Torres, announcing all of the winners for Senior Mosts.

The winners are Neomi Guinard and Matthew Johnson for Most Likely to be on Broadway; Javier Mendoza and Gisselle Esquivel for Class Clowns; Marco Cabrera and Sarina Cassara for Most Likely to have a Talk Show; Jovana Perez and Lance King for Most Spirited; Sofia Andres and Cameran Sherwood for Most Athletic; Raquel Zapata and Megan Oliveira, Nathan Garibay and Silas Fredeen for Best Friends; Fabiola Barboza and Ethan Wright for Most Artistic; Julian Aguilar and Allison Nunes for Best All Around; Jovan Hundal, Sarah Romo and Isabella Romeo for Most Likely to Succeed; Henry Wooley and Noelia Lopez for Most Likely to Brighten Your Day; Andrew Isaac, Ashley Figurell and Alan McPherson for Most Changed Since Freshman Year; William Cooke and Katie Dahlgren for Most Musically Talented.

After the winners received their awards, the ASB officers kept energy high by taking one student volunteer from each class to participate in a three-point contest. In this game, each participant has ten chances to make a basket from five different three-pointer locations on the basketball court. Whoever makes the most baskets wins the contest. Lastly, the winners for Winter Sports and Clubs, King and Queen, were announced. The winners for Sports Winter King and Queen were Michael Ramirez and Emma Arrigotti representing soccer. The runner-ups were Cameran Sherwood and Jada Washington representing basketball. The winners for Clubs were Adam Coelho and Allison Nunes representing FFA. The runner-ups were Angel Guevara and Kayla Aschwanden representing NJ. The rally ended with everyone joining together to sing the Alma Mater in the middle of the gym.