Bulldogs on the Road

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School trips have always been a highlight in most students’ busy schedules. From a student’s perspective these trips can be seen as an opportunity to break the daily routine, and from a teacher’s, they serve as an opportunity to help their students expand their knowledge and experience new things outside of the classroom environment. Regardless, the administration still expects reasonable standards for their students to participate.

Some of these standards include a 2.0 GPA, and according to Mrs. Rickets, who is the head of counseling, “…we always look at teacher input as well.  For example, if a senior wanted to attend a study trip and miss two days of school, yet three of the student’s teachers were concerned because the student currently had F’s due to missing assignments, low test scores, etc. then the teacher planning the trip would advise the student not to attend.”

Sometimes, it seems as if trip planning can be hard for a teacher or class, but the district does have an understanding when it comes to what the selected destination is. According to Mr. Ontiveros, the school’s principal, “…there are many other factors considered before granting permission for requested study trips such as learning objective connected to a course or club, destination, amount of students attending, amount of class time lost, transportation needs, appropriate funding for trip and much more.” Since there are lots of steps in the process, it may take a while for the planning to be approved, especially if the planned trip is out of state, out of country, or a new trip for a class.

Aside from this, students are required to exhibit respectful, responsible behavior as they are still representing Turlock High School. As Mr. Ebersole, the ceramics teacher, says, “Even though I believe all students can benefit from field trips, they should be held accountable to basic levels of achievement if they are going to participate in the fun stuff.” As easy as this seems, there are still many students who choose to not respect the school’s policies which in turn makes it more difficult for the administration to allow future students to go on trips.