Turlock High School Deli

Matthew Rocha, Senior Staff Writer

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Turlock High School (THS) has a variety of food during lunchtime, especially in its hidden gem the deli. Of all the food Turlock High School provides, the deli prepares freshly made sandwiches for the students receiving lunch. On average one hundred and twenty kids come to the deli, out of thousands of students, due to the fact a lot of students do not know about or even where the deli is located. The deli is located between the cafeteria and pool deck. The THS deli has the choices of regular, parmesan, cheesy jalapeno, flat, or croissant bread. Made with either turkey, chicken, tri-tip, tuna, or egg salad. Finally, the sandwich is prepared with the choice of lettuce, cucumber, jalapeno, tomato, union, or a veggie mix. So if you want to enjoy lunch time head to the deli for a savory and delicious lunch.